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We are Specialists in Installation & Repairs on all types of air-conditioning units including inverters, ducted and cassette. Our repairs services including leak repairs and re-gassing, compressor replacement, PCB repairs and replacement. We also do overall repairs and performance assessment on air-conditioning units.


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What To Look For When Buying An Air Conditioner?

With the launch of new and advanced Air conditioners in the market, it has become increasingly difficult and confusing to choose the right products that best suit your needs. Well, this article would help to make your job easier. Having seen customers struggle in finding the right product and making wrong choices, we now understand that it’s extremely important for the consumers to choose the right Air Conditioner for your consumer or industrial or office use. Here is the list of features/benefits you must look for before making your final buying decision.

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Value For Money

RF Refrigeration & Airconditioning has become a household name and has gained significance market only because of the value it adds to our customers lives. So, look no further and go for one of the best Air-conditioners available in the market today which offers a unique value proposition.

  • Choose the right aircon for your home or Business
  • Choose an aircon that will save money and save the environment.
  • Quality is determined by its cooling/Heating capacity
  • Go with a company that not only values its customers
  • RF Air is known for its value add and efficient products