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How Effective Is Air Conditioning In Winter?

As winter and the seasonal allergies that come along with it have started, many South Africans look to electrical, oil and gas heaters to keep warm; yet there are more advanced air solutions that provide much-needed heat more effectively and safely while also keeping the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. Reverse cycle air conditioning is a cost-effective method of heating as the unit can perform both heating and cooling functions, cancelling the need to buy an air conditioner and heater separately.


There seems to be a popular misconception that air conditioners are very expensive to run- switching the unit on during hot summer days or cold winter evenings is seen as a luxurious treat. Operating your aircon to heat or cool your home is one of the most energy-efficient methods if done correctly. Many heaters tend to only heat those in close proximity to the unit which is ineffective. In contrast, aircons distribute heat evenly over a wider area, enabling you to achieve your desired and consistent temperature throughout.


A typical traditional heating appliance- a gas heater, creates heat energy, while a (reverse cycle/heat pump) aircon absorbs heat from the outside air to warm the air inside. The split air conditioning system is the best choice for regulating the temperatures in medium to large rooms. In addition, if you’re limited with space and need to warm multiple rooms, a multi-split system (think FJM) offers a multi-room heating method that covers several rooms with a single outdoor unit. With an aircon, the distribution of heat is kept even throughout. Furthermore, inverter aircons are more ozone-friendly than gas and electric heaters, producing two-thirds less the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.


Our reverse cycle/heat pump aircons become more efficient in terms of electricity consumption and related cost with time. 1 kilowatt of electricity consumed will typically create 3 or more kilowatts of heating or cooling energy. Anyone seeking to buy an energy-efficient unit for their home will need to consider both the energy star rating as well as the size of the space to be air-conditioned.


Understanding that high electricity bills are a major concern for many end-users, Fourways strives to offer more energy-efficient products to present to your customer. For example, the Alliance Aqua Inverter, Alliance Pro-Mirror Inverter and the Samsung AR4500 as well as all the WindFree™ units feature Digital Inverter technology to save electricity consumption for residential buildings by up to 73% compared to non-inverter units.
There are a host of benefits when it comes to using an inverter air conditioner.
• An inverter model will reach the preferred temperature quicker than a non-inverter.
• There is no temperature fluctuation.
• Low noise- quiet operation and good sleep.


During winter, we're less likely to open our windows due to the cold temperatures. Unfortunately, the reduced level of ventilation reduces the quality of the air we breathe in our homes and offices. One of the primary sources of poor air quality during winter is heating sources like gas, coal and oil as they can sometimes introduce impurities into the air, primarily if the appliances aren't regularly maintained.


Most of the models we supply are equipped with filters that improve indoor air quality by providing fresh and purified air. Notably, the top of the range Samsung AR9500 2.0 is designed with an air purification PM1.0 Filter which captures ultra-fine particles and sterilises up to 99% of bacteria (anti-dust, anti-bacteria and anti-virus). Alliance's latest inverter model, the Aqua has a 3-layer Compound Filter that eliminates bacteria effectively and continuously, deodorizes smells, traps pollen, small dust particles, smoke and pet fur and effectively catches and removes formaldehyde. After our hot summer, our aircon filters accumulate some impurities so the best way to ensure your aircon is optimised for heating is by ensuring your unit is regularly serviced.


Higher electricity bills are not the only concern when it comes to energy consumption – many consumers are also concerned about aircon servicing. Cleaning your air filters regularly can help you counteract the effects of decreased ventilation and restriction to the airflow. This helps to ensure optimal efficiency of your aircon and that the compressor doesn't work overtime so as to keep optimal temperatures. This results in lower energy consumption and lower electricity costs. Not sure what air conditioner you require for your home or office? Contact RF Refrigeration & Airconditioning today for a quotation.