We can add value to your air conditioning through a regular and professional service program. This will increase the lifespan of your units, reduce unnecessary breakdowns and call outs and help reduce electrical consumption. As well as save money and also reduce unproductive man hours should your units break down in the peak of summer!

Our service department comprises dedicated teams of breakdown and service technicians.

Our service procedure has been carefully developed over the years we have been in business to provide your units with the best possible cleaning and protection to ensure their continued efficient operation. We tailor make the schedule we are proposing to best suit the individual demands on your units.

Our service procedure includes careful attention to the following:

  1. Pressure cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils and casings.
  2. Scraping down of rust and repainting with rust protective paint.
  3. Chemical cleaning of drain lines and drip trays to clear sludge build up.
  4. Topping up of gas charge (where necessary)
  5. Replacement of filter media (where necessary)
  6. Cleaning and reporting on all electrical and other components of the system.
  7. Checking and reporting on percentages of corrosion and oxidization present.
  8. A fully detailed job card per unit is left with the customer upon completion.
  9. Report of any other problems we may encounter