The economical way to ensure maximum enjoyment from your pool!

Enjoy your SWIMMING POOL all year round* with a Heat Pump pool heater
– at a third of the cost of electrical heating!

Most pool owners rarely use their pools for more than 4 months a year due to the water being too cold. But with a Heat Pump Pool Heater, you can enjoy your pool whenever you like – even all year round* – and at an economical cost! Your installer will advise on the correct size of Heat Pump for your pool, and a pool blanket will also be required for the set temperature to be maintained.

•Heat your pool to 30º+ for a fraction of the cost of an electric heater
• Maximises year-round enjoyment of your pool. (Note that a pool blanket is required to maintain temperature.)
• The neat weatherproof unit is quickly and easily installed near your pool – no large unsightly solar panels required
• Titanium Heat Exchanger guards against corrosion
• Extremely competitively priced
• Adds to the value of your home

Cost-effective pool heating
The reason a Heat Pump Pool Heater is so cost-effective is because it doesn’t use a current gobbling electric element to heat. Instead it works by compressing a gas within a closed-circuit. This creates heat which is then transferred to your pool water via a heat exchanger. Further round within the closed-circuit, the compressed gas passes through an evaporator and becomes extremely cold, while a fan blows outside air over the piping. The cold gas then absorbs ‘free’ heat from the air which is then transferred back into the pool water after the gas is compressed again. To run the compressor and fan
takes only as little as 1.5 to 3 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

User-friendly ‘set-and-forget’ controls
With automatic start-up and shutdown as set by the user’s requirements, an Alliance unit is simplicity itself to operate.
Operates in all weathers
With an normal operating temperature range from –7ºC to +35 ºC, the Alliance unit is unaffected by rain, snow or clouds. Automatic defrosting protection is built in, and the unit can operate day or night as required. (A pool blanket is required to maintain constant year-round temperature)
Titanium heat-exchanger
A Heat Pump Pool Heater uses advanced corrosion-resistant titanium heat-exchanger technology ensuring maximum protection against corrosion.
We have a brands available for home pools
A choice of models is available to suit various-sized pools. Your installer will advise on the correct one for your pool.
Eco-friendly R410A gas
Environmentally-friendly R410A gas is used in Alliance units, ensuring no pollution of the atmosphere.

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